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Jack is a NYC-based Cleveland native with extensive live and online cash game and tournament experience. He grew up playing with friends and used that experience to become a winning online tournament player. In an effort to move up in stakes, Jack began consuming poker strategy content as much as possible, leading him to become a mid-stakes cash-game specialist. He now plays almost exclusively in juicy NYC home-games, although he enjoys traveling to play poker across the country and abroad.

Jack studied computer science and jazz piano at Oberlin College. In addition to poker, Jack is an active pianist in the Cleveland area. His music can be found here

Zach has loved playing cards and strategy games from a very young age. Once he started playing poker in his teens with friends he quickly became hooked and began to read more about the game and start playing online poker seriously, focusing mainly on no-limit hold ‘em sit-and-gos. After turning 21 and running up his first buy-in at live poker he quickly transitioned to live cash games and has never looked back. He began taking on private students in 2014 and these days enjoys working with dedicated students as much as playing. He taught an introductory course to no-limit hold ‘em cash game strategy at Oberlin College. He now splits his playing time between live PLO and NL cash.

On top of playing and teaching poker, Zach performs regularly with various music groups and recently moved to Amman, Jordan. Further info about Zach’s music can be found here.