Advertising on the Just Hands platform


Our audience is comprised of some of the most thoughtful and serious players consuming poker content today. A mix of amateurs, semi-pros, and professionals, Just Hands listeners and readers are actively looking to improve their game and are willing to pay for it. Ideal sponsors include poker training sites, poker software, casinos and poker rooms in the US and UK, and various live poker related events.

As of August 28th, 2017, we now average about 100 unique impressions daily on our website as well as 2400 listens to new podcast episodes within the first two weeks. Our twitter and facebook page have respectively 1200 and 1000 highly engaged fans.

Forms of Advertisement:

1) In-Depth Poker Product Reviews

2) Podcast Pre or Mid Roll

3) Social Media Shoutouts

4) Any other options you have in mind! We're open to other creative ways to advertise your brand or product.

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