My standard 1/2 and 1/3 preflop ranges, a 4-part series: Part 2, MP

For all of you that found this page without reading the initial post of the series, I highly recommend checking it out. It outlines the value of having a sense for 'default ranges' for preflop spots in live poker, as well as my default ranges when UTG.

For my middle position ranges I opted not to write an open-limp range like for the post on my default ranges when UTG. While sometimes I will have an open-limping range while in MP, it's rare that I do and when I do it's only with a single digit amount of hands.

For the photos below, yellow means all combos of the hand, green means about half of the combos of that hand, and blue/white means not in the range. Disregard the one orange box.

MP Opening Range


MP Calling Range

*Note this range refers to calling an open from someone in EP with no other callers in between*


MP Open-Limp Range

What do you think of these ranges, is there anything you might do differently? Join the conversation in the comment section below or by email, we would love to hear your thoughts!

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