Just Hands Across America: Part 1, Washington DC

Hey guys! As many of you know, Zach and I are currently in the midst of a cross-country poker trip. I am collaborating with the excellent blog Cardplayer Lifestyle doing a series on poker culture across the country. Check out the first installment, a closer look at poker culture at the MGM National Harbor, using this link!

"Returning to a poker room after months or even years is a surreal experience. Familiar faces abound stirring up the memories and emotions of past hands. There goes the fish who two-outed me on the river bluff raising KK into my set of jacks on an A-high board on the turn. Here comes the old reg against whom my “float to bluff” turned “rivered gutshot” turned “perceived suckout” still brings back feelings of animosity. Luckily, I went relatively unnoticed outside of a few friends.

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