Just Hands Across America: Part 2, Jacksonville Florida

This past Spring Zach and I took a cross-country poker trip. I am collaborating with the excellent blog Cardplayer Lifestyle doing a series on poker culture across the country. Check out the second installment, a closer look at poker culture at Best Bet Jacksonville, using this link!

"As is often the case at the biggest game in the room, people know each other. What I had stumbled on was a sort of perversely enjoyable home game atmosphere. The pros referred to the generous woman as Ms. (Her Name) as they accepted her donations in turns. She kept a full rack of reds on her drink table in case her husband came in. That way, she always had concrete evidence that she wasn’t losing. Ironically, it became clear that she was the family breadwinner as a serial entrepreneur and the host of a private poker game that had recently ended as her health skipped a beat. This goes to show, I suppose, that hiding poker losses from one’s spouse is a non-gendered activity."

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