Just Hands Across America: Part 4, Tallahassee

This past Spring Zach and I took a cross-country poker trip. I am collaborating with the excellent blog Cardplayer Lifestyle doing a series on poker culture across the country. Check out the fourth installment, a closer look at poker culture at Creek Entertainment Gretna, using this link!

"While I had been South of the Mason-Dixon line for a couple of weeks at this point, it wasn’t until sitting at this PLO table at the CEG that I truly felt like I was in the South. I got seated next to an older gentleman who looked strikingly familiar. He had sort of a beardless Jack Sparrow look that, when coupled with his intense familiarity, made me consider the possibility that he was some sort of character actor, although there were certainly factors competing against that hypothesis. A few minutes into our session, I quietly mentioned to him that I suspected we had played together before. The accent that emerged in his response totally shook my foundation. I was almost transported to a recent trip to Scotland, another place where you know English is being spoken but it takes intense focus to pay attention to what is being communicated rather than just enjoy the sound of the accent."

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