Just Hands Across America: Part 6, New Orleans

This past Spring Zach and I took a cross-country poker trip. I am collaborating with the excellent blog Cardplayer Lifestyle doing a series on poker culture across the country. Check out the fourth installment, a closer look at poker culture at Harrah's, using this link!

"His joyful intoxication combined with the greedy excitement of everyone else feeling like they were one hand away from doubling the amount currently sitting in front of them gave the whole situation a sort of maniacal ecstasy. When the whale made his desire for additional drinks clear, the other pros started taking fireball shots with him. Zach and I have never been keen on mixing alcohol and $5/$10, and we had already been pushing those limits in coming straight from a jazz club on Frenchman’s street. Soon, Zach and I were the only people at the table remotely sober aside from the dealer."

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