Episode 53: Big Draws vs Wiz Kids w/ Contest Winner Joshua Chase

You can watch the video of the hand played here:

Here are Joshua's contest winning hand histories,  both taking place at a $1/$2 game in Texas

Hand 1

Tell us about the relevant players in the hand: We are 9 handed. Seat 1 is a later middle age white guy. Seat 2 is the main villain. A younger 23-28 regular who I have a little history with. Mainly me getting the best of him. He is a slightly hungry to prove he can best me. The previous hand we played together he made a bet in position on the turn and probably stole the pot. This might have influenced the leveling later in the hand. Seat 3 is recreational player. I'm seat 7 in the SB. Seat 8 in the BB is another Recreational player.

What are the effective stacks: Seat 1 $120, Seat 2 (villain) $350, Seat 3 $150, Seat 7 hero is short after losing a couple hands with $89, Seat 8 $170

Describe the preflop action: Seat 1 limps, Seat 2 limps villain (fairly wide range), Seat 3 limps, Seat 7 completes in SB 9d 8h, Seat 8 raises it $5 in BB, every one calls $5, the pot is $25. My decision to complete and later call was based on the speculative nature of my hand and my position. 

Describe the flop action: The flop is 8s 8c 6d. I opt it check since I have this board pretty crushed. I'm blocking 97 for one of the open ended straight draws and T9 for a gutter. 
I'm hoping someone will bet. So I can get a little closer to getting my stack in. It checks around. Pot $25

Describe the turn action: Turn is Kc. I like this card since there is a lot of Kx in these players ranges. Unfortunately 8x is is very my much in my range. I bet $10 into $25. expecting to get called by a Kx. perhaps even 2 clubs that picked up a draw. I bet small since leading from the SB is going to look strong regardless. I will also do this with some of my draws when the flop checks around. Seat 1, 3, 8 fold, seat 2 calls the pot is $45. Heads up to the river with seat 2

Describe the river action: The river is the 4d. I have one choice, "bet" I reached for about half my remaining $74 stack. While grabbing it I realized I would not get called for more than $20 unless he thinks I'm bluffing. I decide to grab the whole stack and over bet $74 into $45. The hesitation was noticed. Villain tank calls and mucks his hand, after seeing mine.

Tell us what you thought about your play/other's play throughout the hand: This villain has a history of hero calling. The villain also might be inclined to think I am eager to make a play against him since he knows that I know he was probably bluffing in our last encounter.

Hand 2

Tell us about the relevant players in the hand: We are 9 handed. HJ-I'm in seat 5. Button-Seat 7 is a youngish 24-28 year old wearing a blue hat that seems regish. Only seen a few hands with him. Big blind-Seat 9 is the main villain from the hand I submitted earlier who is a young regular with history of losing some bigger pots to me.

What are the effective stacks: I had about 200, seat 7 had about 180, seat 9 had about 300

Describe the preflop action: The action folds around to me I look down at AsAh. I open to 20. I normally open larger by default with my whole opening range. I had already done it a few times on this table. So It doesn't look out of place. Button Seat 7 calls looks a little nervous. BB Seat 9 calls (main villain) his range here is pretty wide, suited Axs, connectors, gappers, unsuited broadway cards, all pairs weighted to -10. The pot is 61

Describe the flop action: The flop is 10s 2c 6h. BB checks. I C-bet 40 in 61. There are 10x potentially in both players ranges. BB will also call with 77-99 ,67s at least once. Button folds. BB tosses in a call. No noticeable reads. The pot is 141

Describe the turn action: The turn is 7h. Watching villains face as the card came. His eyes widened and his face lit up and relaxed with relief as he seen it. The kind of relief I've seen when some one hits there hand. There was brief pause then he announced "I'm all in". 120 effective(my stack). I have to call 120 to win 381, a little better than 3 to 1. I've seen Villain shove lite as bluff/semi on a few occasions. So he is more than capable of being lite here. It seamed like a trivial call in the moment. My first instinct was to snap call. But then there was the facial read to consider. I had to decide if he had in inadvertently told me something that could save me money. His range has all the sets, 67s, 810h, 910h, J10h, (less likey JJ, QQ, KK). 89 is possible although I discounted it since the flop bet was a little larger and we are not too deep. I decided his expression likely meant he picked up equity with the second heart. I called after thinking for 1-2 minutes.

Describe the river action: In my haste to catch a read immediately I flipped my hand over after calling. He did not. I took this as a good sign. The river was a 2s. Villain made a frustrated "ahhhhhg" yell and folded. Another day I talked with Villain about it and he confirmed he did have a 2 heart hand. 

Tell us what you thought about your play/other's play throughout the hand: As in the last hand the villain still had something to prove against me. This also informed my decision. I did feel like he would be more likely to make a bluff.