Greg Raymer Event Great Success

It's been nearly three weeks since we had our event with Greg Raymer so it seems fitting that we finally are doing a proper writeup of the event.

We're happy to share that our stream and coaching event this past Saturday with Greg Raymer went really well. It was a lot of fun hanging out with Greg for the weekend and meeting fans of Just Hands Poker that came out from the East Coast, the Cleveland area, and even as far as Texas. It was inspiring to meet such dedicated students in person and we look forward to hopefully doing another event like this in the future. You can find the entire live stream here

Commentating with a seasoned pro made all the difference in the world. Jack and I have been in the booth at Poker on Air a few times, sometimes solo and sometimes with one another. It's always been a challenge to strike the right balance between good natured conversation and poker analysis. But with Greg there it seemed easy and I hope after watching the video you agree!

All participants received the following:

  1. 4+ hours of play in a 1/2 game ($200 min, $500 max)

  2. Live commentary by Greg Raymer and the Just Hands team and a copy of the video

  3. A catered dinner after the game at Poker on Air Studios

  4. A page outlining your strengths and weaknesses as a player, and some tips from Greg Raymer and the Just Hands team for how to best improve your game

  5. And those that wanted to really improve their games paid an extra $500 to receive a full leakfinder document, going meticulously over every hand played.

At Just Hands Poker the last thing we'd want is for people to go home hungry so we made sure everyone got their money's worth with the following spread:

epic gains.JPG

Jack and I had a ton of fun running the event, and are even happier to know that the participants let us know that they had a good time meeting a poker legend and for many of them playing on tv for the first time. But we wouldn't call this a success if we didn't feel the students didn't get a lot of value out of it. While the price tag might have seemed a bit steep for most 1/2 players with packages at either $500 or $1000, many of the participants have since let us know they have felt much more comfortable at the table, have noticed leaks we identified getting plugged, and have even seemed to have run quite well lately but we can't really take credit for that :) 

As a result we plan on holding another event like this in early 2017 somewhere in the East Coast! If you're interested in participating let us know where you live and we'll take that into account when figuring out the location for the next event. Also, and this goes for anyone, if you have any suggestions on who to ask to be our next special guest coach and commenter we'd greatly appreciate what the community is thinking.

So everyone who played in the event paid to receive a leakfinder: a detailed report on one's strengths and weaknesses as a player and advice on how to plug the biggest leaks. Luckily for us, seat 6 agreed to allow us to share his leakfinder, complete with every hand played analyzed, publicly so those interested in coaching, a live leakfinder, or participating in a future Greg Raymer-like commentary event know what you're signing up for.

Here is the link to the document and you can find the video below so you can see what Jack, Greg, and I (Zach) were thinking when we analyzed Seat 6's play.

The day after the event Jack, Greg, and I spent the whole day analyzing everyone's game who played in the event. A lot of this analysis went into the leakfinders we did for the players but we did some more in depth analyses of certain hands, and we decided to make a series of premium podcasts out of these discussions. This took place in a lovely thai restaurant that luckily was empty enough for us to record some high quality podcasts! 

Stay tuned for the Greg Raymer premium podcasts to come - they will make the perfect holiday gift for your poker buddies!