Jack's Vegas Trip Report Part 2

You can find part 1 here.

After a nice win on my first night, a good workout, and a little studying, I decided to head over to my favorite room, Caesar's Palace, to check out the daytime action. 

Session 2: Caesar's Palace, 2-5 PM

The action at this session was only ok. Looking around the room, nothing looked great, no one drinking or any fishy looking players with big stacks, so I settled in at my mediocre table expecting to probably stick it out considering the length of the session.

As expected, the table was full of older men who played a loose passive style with varying degrees of looseness and passiveness. The following hand was by far the most interesting of the session.

A bit more background... At this point in the session, we were 7-handed and the action was going really slowly. I was opening up quite a bit trying to build pots to take down on the turn and had been quite successful in the 5-10 hand stretch that I was doing this. I was waiting to see what kind of player sat down on my right before deciding whether or not to move on to a different table.

Stakes: 1/2

Hero (280) CO with Ac4d. I have a very solid image. I have been the tightest at the table and have only shown down once or twice with good hands. 

Villain (500) SB. Villain is a 50 year old male with a lot of bling. I'd estimate he is playing 50% of hands at this point in the session. He definitely thinks a lot about decisions. Seems to stick around in pots and bet into weakness.

Preflop: One limper ahead of me. I open to 10. Villain calls, limper calls. 

This is a pretty loose open, but I'm pretty sure I'll end up with position and will have a strong chance at being able to steal the pot.

Flop: (30) 3c 5s 6c

Checks to hero who bets 15.

I'm not totally sold on the sizing, but my thought was that I have a pretty good hand and don't hate a call but want to fold out overcards, therefore I like a bet. My thought was that I could load up on the turn bet to fold out weaker/speculative hands and get more value from my flop bet.

Villain raises to 40. Limper folds.

I'm probably never folding here with SPR and my draws. I didn't really consider raising either because I don't know how much fold equity I have and I think it could be pretty little. However, I do think Villain has bluffs in his range here because my bet looks weak. Also, I think hero has a lot of pair and pair+draw hands that might want to raise for protection.

I call fairly quickly.

Turn (108) Kc

Villain bets 45

This bet seems pretty small to me. I think this villain definitely could bet more with strong holdings here. Therefore, I see this as a sort of weak continuation with a pair that is scared of the flush and the king. Also, with all my draws, I don't feel too bad about a call here if I raise, so I did just that.

I raise to 140

This bet left me with about 130 left for a river bet. I think this is large enough to get Villain to fold some hands he calls with on the river, but I think in retrospect, I should have sized the turn smaller to bring along some 6x and some middle pocket pairs that I could blow off with a big river bet. 110 is what I would probably bet in the future.

Villain thinks for a while and calls.

River (388) 10d

Villain Checks

I think this is a good card for me to fire a third barrel. I don't think this 10 connects with any of his range I'm hoping he folds. It doesn't complete any draws he may have been chasing, although 78 is the only draw he might be on that I don't also have. I think he gets to this point with some single pair hands he will let go. I'm not sure that I can get folds from two pair hands. I definitely don't expect to get folds from any straight or flushes. I think the 34% percent success rate I need for this bluff to be profitable is achievable. 

I go all in.

Villain thinks a while, clearly uncomfortable. He starts stacking up calling chips, looking over at me all the while. He thinks more and stacks the chips into a single stack. He looks over at me again and shows 3s6s for a two pair. Ultimately, he laid it down.

I decided to show the bluff. My range is always so much stronger than this player and pretty much all the players at my table, that I think an adjustment towards calling these types of bets from me will probably be a mistake. There are very few hands that I end up making this specific type of bluff with. 

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