A Weird Spot in My Biggest Winning Session

What’s going on guys? My apologies for not having an update for you all last week. My girlfriend was in town for about five days and I hadn’t seen her in a while so I felt like I should take the opportunity to spend as much time as I could with her, which left little time for poker. This week, however, I got back into the swing of things (literally). I played for 39 hours (Personal record!), studied for 5, didn’t run, and meditated four times.

This week was by far the swingiest week I’ve endured in my poker career, largely due to the fact that all five of my sessions consisted of 2-5 games. I booked my two largest losses of all time, but also managed to book my biggest win. Fortunately, the win outweighed the both losses combined and I was able to record another profitable week, which extends my streak to nine straight winning weeks. I know I’ve been holding out on you guys for a while, but I figured it’s about time I shared a bit of the chip porn I’ve been collecting with you:

Biggest win of my career. In for $750.

Biggest win of my career. In for $750.

The 2-5 games at the Jack have been thriving over the last week. I believe a game has gotten off for at least 6 of the last 7 days, and of the games I played, I only felt 1 of them was less profitable to play than the average 1-3 game. One of the games over the weekend had an absolute dream line-up consisting of 2-3 serious/ thinking recreational players, 1 aggro fish, a couple weaker recreational players, and a mega whale. The mega whale had this move he referred to as “going dark” which basically meant he would play the hand without looking at his hole cards until the river unless he faced a bet large enough where he felt he compelled to view his cards. Once his stack was under 60ish BB’s he would start shoving in the dark until he either doubled up or went busto. It was pretty hilarious to watch, and obviously great for the game.

In other news, I’m getting close to making my live PLO debut. I’ve been grinding Phil Galfond’s Run It Once videos pretty hard and have reviewed Aesah’s (a well known 2p2er) guide to live PLO which I highly recommend to anyone else looking to make the NLH to PLO transition. It’s a bit short and lacks some detail but is a great framework for any NLH player thinking about taking a shot at PLO. 

I found myself in a pretty weird spot over the weekend that I want to talk a bit about:

Game: 2/5 NL, 9 handed

Hero: (1500) BB with 9s6s. Hero is viewed as loose-aggressive. Played a hand with V1 a couple hands ago where hero squeezed in the blinds with 4c5c and took a bet, bet, jam line on a Qc7h3h2xAh runout. V1 snap called OTR and I was good.

Villain 1: (850) UTG +2. 30’s WG who seems like experienced and at least somewhat thinking card player. Limited history with this V, but has shown he was capable of bluffing in a prior session. In this session, he was playing somewhat aggressively preflop, opening more frequently than everyone else at the table besides hero (probably 15-20% of hands). As mentioned above he just got stacked by hero, but didn’t seem too upset about it.

Villain 2: (286) LJ. Unknown OMC. Bought in for the minimum and has been playing extremely tight-passive in 4-5 orbits he’s been at table.

Preflop: (7) Villain 1 open limps, Villain 2 over-limps, fish limps in CO, thinking rec player limps OTB, hero checks.

Flop: (24) Ks9c5s. Hero checks, Villain 1 bets 25, Villain 2 calls, CO calls, Button Calls, hero raises to 125.

This was a pretty interesting spot. My initial thought was that I wouldn’t get much credit given the somewhat crazy image I had as a result of the 4c5c hand, but it just felt like too good a spot to pass up. I have one of the highest equity semi-bluffs I can have in this spot and even if I didn’t have the FE I normally would had I not just blasted off with the 45, I still felt bluff-raising here could accomplish a lot of good things, mainly getting Kx hands to fold either now or on later streets, as well as getting better FD’s to fold.

Villain 1 tanks for a minute or so and calls, Villain 2 takes a few seconds, shrugs, and shoves for 286, CO folds, button folds, hero jams for 725 effectively. Villain 1 tank-calls.

In game, my though process was something like this: Villain 1 can’t have a monster made hand or monster draw that has me crushed. He would have opened his QsJs/JsTs/QsTs hands PF, as well as all of his nut flush draw combos that have two overcards. He can’t really have 2p+ as he’d very likely 3bet OTF rather than flat my check/raise. So his range is basically made up of Kx, 7s8s, and like A8-A2ss. When I jam, I think I can get him to fold all of his Kx which is a big win, and if he decides to call off with 7s8s or one of his NFD’s, I can’t be in too bad shape. After doing some work with an equity calculator, I found out my hand has about 65% equity against his calling range, which I thought looked like this: As8s,As7s,8s7s,As4s,As3s,As2s

As for Villain 2, I wasn’t exactly sure what his range would look like in this spot, but I suspected it would be something like this: 99,55,K9s,AsJs,QsJs,AsTs,QsTs,JsTs,As8s,As7s,As4s,As3s,As2s,K9o. I wasn’t sure exactly what my equity would look like against this range, but I knew that if V1 folded there would be more than enough dead money in the pot to make shoving in order to isolate V2 profitable. After the hand, I found my equity vs this range to be about 43%.

When I run the numbers against both of these ranges, my hand’s equity falls to just 16%. However, the spot is still profitable since I'm much deeper with V1. My EV in this spot when accounting for the side pot after V1 calls off is: .16(622) +. 65(564) -. 84(286) - .35(564) =  $41.48, and that doesn’t include any of the equity we gain when V1 folds his Kx hands, making the jam profitable. As it happened, the turn and river bricked, V2 showed K9o to win the main pot and my hand was good for the side pot, so I was able to net a nice 50 BB win.

That is enough number crunching for now. Let me know what you guys think about this hand, and definitely be sure to leave any other questions or comments below. I’ll talk to you all in a week! Until then… peace!