3 Tips to Ensure You Have an Enjoyable Poker Trip

I recently got published on Cardplayer lifestyle magazine for how to better enjoy your next poker trip, something that I hope will be valuable for all of you soon heading to the WSOP or wherever else. 

It's ironic that a few days after I write that post, I head to Vegas and go on the biggest downswing of my poker career. I recently started playing more PLO and played in some very juicy games at the Rio and Venetian. The skill disparity between NL and PLO was clear and although I am much better at no limit, my edge in PLO is much higher. I observed most people, even those that acted like 'pros', frequently making massive mistakes, something that doesn't occur in NLHE nearly as much in 2016. Unfortunately, I did not run well and lost a lot of key 60/40s getting my entire stack in with aces preflop. The silver lining though is that I still managed to enjoy myself seeing friends and making the trip not all about poker. Without taking the time to eat with friends or go hiking at Red Rock, I would have been miserable losing thousands of dollars in such a short period of time.