Hero Call vs. an Undercover Reader

When villain raised, I was honestly very confused. I really just didn’t (and still don’t) see what hands he’s credibly repping. At the time, I thought AA/KK/AQ were basically the only value hands he could have here (AA/KK somewhat discounted as they’d often bet OTF). In hindsight, 35s may also be possible. However, I think at least some of the time villain would flat with those hands in order to induce a second barrel from me on the river.

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Episode 57: When a Pair of 5's is All You Need?

To recap the hand: 

Location: MGM National Harbor

Stakes: $2/$5

Preflop: UTG limps, MP raises to 25 (2500), CO calls 25 (1000), Button calls 25 (1000), SB folds, Hero raises to 150 in BB w/ A5o, Hero covers, folds to CO who calls, Button calls.

Flop: 852r (475)

Hero bets 250, CO folds, Button jams 850, Hero calls. Button has J8o

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