Snap-Shove on the River

This was a pretty tough and weird spot. We’re calling 295 to win 680 so we need about 30% equity for this to be a profitable call. I think V can have 7x here in the form of 67 and 78 type hands as well as 7xdd, but ultimately decided that V was unlikely to just snap shove such strong hands without really putting in any thought. I think as a general rule these kinds of snap shoves vs recreational players tend to be bluff-heavy. I also thought hands like 55 and 44 were somewhat unlikely as V would likely have check/raised or led out at some point prior to the river in fear of being drawn out on (obviously not necessarily correct thinking, at least not for that reason, but I think rec players generally fear being sucked out and would raise/ lead for protection as well as value).

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