A Weird Spot in My Biggest Winning Session

The 2-5 games at the Jack have been thriving over the last week. I believe a game has gotten off for at least 6 of the last 7 days, and of the games I played, I only felt 1 of them was less profitable to play than the average 1-3 game. One of the games over the weekend had an absolute dream line-up consisting of 2-3 serious/ thinking recreational players, 1 aggro fish, a couple weaker recreational players, and a mega whale. The mega whale had this move he referred to as “going dark” which basically meant he would play the hand without looking at his whole cards until the river unless he faced a bet large enough where he felt he compelled to view his cards. Once his stack was under 60ish BB’s he would start shoving in the dark until he either doubled up or went busto. It was pretty hilarious to watch, and obviously great for the game.

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