Week 1 of My Trip Out West

Although Vegas didn’t go so well results-wise, I very much enjoyed the experience and am psyched to make my return in about a week. We stayed at the Rio, which was nice as it made it possible to get away from all of the chaos on the strip. I played 2-5 exclusively at a variety of casinos, and just about every game I played in was softer than the games I’ve grown accustom to at the Jack. Overall, I felt like the games were softest at the Bellagio. The buy-in for 2-5 is capped at 500 while everywhere else I played was $1k+, so it would make sense for the games to be softest at the Bellagio as the smaller buy-in detracts some of the better regs from playing there. It’s also possible that I just ran best in terms of table quality while at the Bellagio.

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