Why Choose Coaching?

Take a look at the following graph of one of our student's winnings. Can you guess when this student decided to start coaching?

  • Private poker coaching is the best way to improve your game and increase your winrate.

    • All of our students have seen significant improvements in the short and long term.

    • Coaching was essential to our own success as poker players and educators.

  • Trying to find the best information on your own is extremely difficult.

    • There is so much information available, it's hard to know where to start.

    • Trusting the wrong sources can cost you money!

  • A poker coach takes out all of the guesswork.

    • We guide you to the right sources, help you fully digest the necessary information, and then guide you through implementing that information into your game.

    • Along the way, we provide support and answer all of the questions that come with trying to improve as a poker player.
  • Poker coaching is fun.

    • If you are on this page, you probably have already fostered a love for the game of poker.

    • Learning about the game makes playing more engaging and more fun.

    • Learning to think about the game at a high level is extremely fulfilling and translates to all areas of your life.

    • We want to help you make more money and have more fun playing poker.

This student who's results are shown above began coaching in September of 2014 and saw immediate results. While this is poker and no coach can guarantee immediate winnings, we feel extremely confident that we can increase a student's winrate by 1 BB/hr in the first lesson and 5-15BB/hr with continued coaching. Let's take a look at how the math breaks down.

The Value of Coaching

The Student: Break even $2/$5 player who plays 5 hrs a week

The First Lesson: This pays for itself in expectation after just a month!

The Goal: Even at a modest increase of 5bb/hr, this student would see annual expectation increase by $6500, a significantly greater number than the cost of weekly coaching.

The Possibility: If this player decided to up their volume to 20 hrs/week, the same coaching would result in a $23,000 increase in expectation annually. More than a 5x return on investment in a single year!

Our Methodology

  • To play poker at a high level you need to think about poker at a high level.

    • Lessons will focus on all the components that go into how to best think about a given hand of poker, on and off the felt.

    • Our primary goal is for our students to have the tools to make the correct decisions under pressure and to work on their games by themselves.

  • As important as poker strategy is, instilling a deep love poker to all of our students is essential to our teaching philosophy.

    • We want all of our students to be as passionate about learning and playing the game as we are!

    • To be successful in poker long-term, it is essential to enjoy the process of studying the theory and concepts away from the table so the student's desire to improve can be put into a concrete plan of action.

  • A constantly evolving goal-oriented approach to learning is the only way to achieve consistent meaningful results.

Services Offered

  • Private lessons

    • We offer lessons over Skype or any other video-conferencing software to students across the world.

    • In-person lessons are available on a regular basis in the greater Cleveland area and in New York City.

  • Live Leakfinder 

    • Have a Just Hands coach play at the same table as you and get a detailed report on your strengths and weaknesses as a player and advice on how to plug your biggest leaks. For more details on the leakfinder click here.

    • Here you can find an example of the comprehensive document every student gets after doing a leakfinder. 

    • These can be done not just at the Jack Casino in Cleveland or games in the New York City area, but also at card rooms within a reasonable driving distance like Detroit, Cincinnati, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. If you live elsewhere but are still interested in a live leakfinder, contact us anyways. Both Zach and Jack travel across the country often.

For anyone interested in any type of coaching, we are happy to provide one free half-hour lesson. Sign up for your free consultation here.

Our Experience

Zach and Jack have taught individuals, small groups, and full classrooms. They have covered everything from the basics of no-limit hold ‘em poker strategy to how exploit tough opponents at a short-handed 2/5 table. They have worked with everyone from complete beginners to winning players at 2/5 looking to increase their winrate. They have been playing and studying poker seriously for almost 20 years collectively. They both continue to coach, play professional, and work on their own games professionally to this day. Both can be found regularly grinding the 1/3 and 2/5 no-limit hold ‘em games at the Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland. To get a sense of how we think about poker, check out this video of us commentating on Poker on Air with WSOP champion Greg Raymer.


dave mills.JPG
Zach’s coaching has made a great difference in my poker results. With his personalized approach to finding and plugging the leaks in my game, in six months I’ve gone from break-even at 1/2 to a confident, winning player, finding myself consistently among the best 2 players at the table.
— Dave M, Cleveland OH
If you are serious about learning poker, Jack is a great teacher to work with! His passion for the game is contagious and his continuing interest to learn more about the game is inspiring and exciting. His teachings are thorough and he really does care about my progress so he goes at my pace. Would definitely recommend him to anyone that wants to take their skills to the next level
— Russell Gelman-Sheehan, Oberlin OH
Zach’s a brilliant teacher. He explains complicated subjects clearly, and his enthusiasm for the game is infectious. He always points out aspects of hands that I never would have seen on my own. In the few months I’ve worked with him, the way I think about poker has completely changed. I’m a far better player as a result
— Oliver Bok, Oberlin OH


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