While using a new tool like slack might seem intimidating at first, we chose it to host our group discussions in large part because of its it's easy to learn user interface.

First off, we recommend downloading the slack app for your various phones, tablets, and computers. We'll be primarily answering your questions while on the go, and accessing the group within the app is a lot easier then just pulling it up on your browser.

After joining and logging in, you should see our ten public channels on the lefthand side:

Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 7.48.35 PM.png

Want to suggest a guest? Go to the guestsuggestions channel. Want to talk about the hand of online poker you played? Go to #onlinepoker. For all live hands you're looking to get opinions on before getting up from the tables, head to #hands.

Jack, Peter, Jon, and myself (Zach) will be on the forums all the time to answer your questions and discuss anything you'd like! It will be impossible to 'over-contribute' on any subject, we love talking about poker with people and this slack group helps us expand our community of poker players to talk hands with.

Want to discuss something with the Just Hands team or community that doesn't neatly fit into one of the channels? Start your own and invite others you also think might be interested! Simply click the + button at the top left next to 'Channels' and fill out the name and purpose. If discussion takes off on that channel, we'll add it to the list of channels that everyone automatically sees on their slack.

While sending messages in Slack is pretty self-explanatory, note you can also use @mentions to get someone’s attention in a channel. For example, if you have a pressing question about an in depth range analysis you did and want me to check it out, type @ followed by my username, e.g. @zachresnick.

While us on the Just Hands Team might want to know whenever any user posts something, maybe you just want to be notified when someone responded to you or brought up something of interest to you. To do that, hit your username in the top left and hit preferences, then notifications, then customize your notifications how you see fit.

The thing that makes slack so cool is that every message ever written is saved. So let's say you join after our group has running for a year and want to search for spots where we discussed getting check raised on the river. Well the good news is you can do that by searching 'checkraise river' in the top right corner and you'll find every conversation where that phrase came up.

For an even more comprehensive guide to using slack, here is slack's own getting started page.

If you're interested in joining the forums but don't want to commit to buying anything, you can sign up now for our monthly TAG membership and receive two months free with coupon code JUSTHANDS1YR ! (limited time offer)

We hope this guide was helpful and look forward to seeing you on the slack group soon!